Canoeing / Kayaking:

The Nazko Valley offers several canoeing adventures ranging from stillwater paddles on Marmot, Redwater, and Brown Lakes to more advanced river trips on the Blackwater, Nazko and Baezaeko Rivers.

For more information please contact:
T Helfrich 249-5762

1) Kayaking

Lower Blackwater
-Gillies Crossing to Fraser River

2) Canoeing


Blackwater River (4–5 Hrs)
-Nazko Hwy to Gillies Crossing

Nazko River (4-5 Hrs)
-13 KM on Honolulu Rd to Nazko Valley Lodge

Nazko River
-22 KM bridge upstream

Nazko River (8 Hrs)
-Nazko Valley Lodge to Snaking River Bridge

Nazko River-Blackwater River (8 Hrs)
-Snaking River Bridge to Gillies Crossing


Blackwater River
-Kluskoil Lake to Nazko Hwy Bridge

Nazko River (4-5 Hrs)
-35 KM bridge to 13KM bridge

- Advanced

a) Baezaeko River (10 Hrs)
-Coglistiko Lake to Blackwater Bridge

Lower Blackwater
-Gillies Crossing to Fraser River