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Hiking and Horse Trails
Itcha Photo

(10) Marmot Lake - a 4 km hiking trail around the lake
(14) Crater Lake - a 1.6 km hiking trail. Turn left at 17 km of the Baezaeko (3900 Rd.)
(16) TeePee Lake - a 20 km trail which begins 1 km north of the Blackwater bridge on the Nazko Road
(17) Nuxalk Carrier–Grease Trail - a 347 km trail which starts on the Batanuni Road near Gilles Crossing
(18) Martin Meadow - a wagon trail, which begins at 35 km on the Honolulu Road
(19) Itcha Mountains - access from the 64A Road parking area, just across the Baezaeko River bridge
(24) Johnston Homestead / Falls - a 400 m walk at 6.3 km of the Marmot Lake Road