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The Nazko Valley has an impressive line-up of Artists and Crafters. This includes First Nations carvers, leatherwork and beadwork; watercolours, wood art, stained glass and cross-stitch.



1st Nations Artists and Crafters


Lucy Laurent Leatherwork 992-3428 ext. 922

Above: Beadwork by Dora Laurent

Lena Hjorth Beadwork 249-0210
Dora Laurent Beadwork 249-0205
Darlyn Alec Beadwork 249-6018
Marilyn Clement Beadwork 249-0203
Penny Corn Beadwork
Terry Webber Carvings 249-0246
Other Artists and Crafters
Pat Hartley Watercolours, Quilting 249-5930
Teresa Sharp Cross Stitch 249-5378
Diane Thompson Pottery, Felting 249-0245
Marlene Cline Handmade Soap, Crocheting 249-0243
Shannon Bell Beaded and
Bone Jewelry and traditional Drums
Dan Workman Stained Glass 249-0245