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Writers and Poets

Several authors have written extensively about the Nazko Valley area this includes:

Rich Hobson; Grass beyond the Mountains, Rancher takes a Wife, Nothing to good for a Cowboy.
Dude Lavington; Nine lives of a cowboy, Born to be hung.
Dan Kishkan; Politicians, Porcupines & Plato.
Bill Hillen; Blackwater River.
Bill Leake; Nazko Knights and Daze.
Elizabeth Furniss; Dakelh Keyoh: The southern carrier in earlier times, Changing Ways: Southern Carrier history 1793-1940.
Laura Boyd; Atsoo and I (Si’ink’ez’Atsoo), My Home Forever, For Someone Special.
Stuart Alec; The Blue Dinosaur.
John Woodworth/Halle Flygare; In the steps of Alexander Mackenzie.
Carl Quanstrom; The Bucket and Me.