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Provincial Parks

Itcha Ilgachuz Provincial Park

Formed in 1995, this 110,000-hectare park is known for its spectacular alpine mountain areas. Access is from the Itcha Mountain Trail.

Kluskoil Lake Provincial Park

Formed in 1995, this undeveloped park has numerous horse/ hiking trails, which lead to the Nuxalk Carrier
Grease –Alexander Mackenzie Trail. Access is from the TeePee Lake trail.

Nuxalk Carrier Grease-Alexander Mackenzie Trail

This historic trading route begins at the Fraser-Blackwater (West Road) junction and ends at the Pacific Ocean (Bella Coola Inlet Valley) some 347 Km (158 Miles) away. Access from the Nazko Valley is at 64 Km, or on the Batanuni Road, 3 Km west of Gilles Crossing.

Other sights to see
Fishpot Forest Service Lookout Tower

Access is from the old Baezaeko Road at 5.7 km. Follow the 3rd left then up to the hilltop. 4x4 vehicles are recommended.


Cliff photo "Indian Head" as seen from the Nazko River

This is a rock formation located 21.5 km on the Honolulu Road on the west side across the Nazko River. For a more spectacular view, try canoeing down the Nazko River. It's almost as if he is watching over you as you descend down his valley.