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1) Nazko Valley Lodge/Spehar Trading Post
2) Fishpot Resort
3) Riversong Farms
4) Itcha Mountain Outfitters
5) Catholic Church/ Nazko Settlement
6) Chuntezni’i Cemetery/ Krestenuk Trading Post
7) Log Schoolhouse
8) Blackwater Ranch
9) Homesteaders Cemetery
10) Marmot Lake Park
11) Blackwater River Campsite
12) Snaking River Campsite
13) Fishpot Lake Campsite
14) Crater Lake Campsite
15) Honolulu Campsite
16) Tee Pee Lake
17) Nuxalk Carrier Mackenzie Grease Trail
18) Martin Meadow
19) Itcha Mountains
21) Forestry Lookout Tower
22) Indian Head
23) Trout Lake
24) Johnson Homestead / Falls
The numbers on the map to the left correspond to the numbers beside the various points described on each page of this site.

The Nazko Valley is a one hour’s drive west of Quesnel and about nine hours drive north of Vancouver.